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was founded by Dr. Charles Pilavian, in October 2016.
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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

My understanding of human struggles includes aspects of the brain, the mind, and the environment interacting in a dialectical interplay.


It takes self-awareness and courage to realize the need for psychological healing. My mission in psychotherapy is to help you learn how to help yourself. It should be emphasized that psychotherapy is far from "one-size-fit-all." Therefore, the art of change in psychotherapy is achieved through a thorough psychological assessment in order to unravel the underlying causes and accordingly apply the precise remedies to your specific challenges. Healing is often achieved by reconceptualizing your past and presence, but most importantly is to improve your outlook on the future. 

I have practiced as a psychologist for 26 years, on three continents. In spite of my long experience in assessment and treatment, I am humbled by the diversity and the uniqueness of each individual and what she or he brings to the therapy room. 

It should be pointed out that psychotherapy is distinctly different from counseling, consulting, and coaching. Psychotherapy is the science of understanding the layers of the symptoms that are believed to stem from multiple sources of the human mind. The source of human suffering may include unconscious, subconscious, and conscious entities. Symptoms may stem from internal conflicts (intrapsychic) that may be manifested in from of anxiety, tension, compulsion, obsession, or depression. On the other hand, there is a class of psychological disorders that may be attributed to deficits that may stem from an arrest in a certain psychological developmental stage. The psychological deficits may be manifested by means of disorders related to personality, attachment, self-esteem, impulse-control, and lack of autonomy. Hence, psychotherapy is a dynamic and complex process that may require employing stringent techniques that are evidence-based and are known to have a higher level of efficacy; not only in alleviating human suffering but also bringing about healing.