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Family Psychotherapy

       Vigeland Parken Oslo/Norway
Family therapy is generally initiated because of psychological or emotional problems experienced by a single family member, including a child or adolescent. In certain cases, spouses may realize that their ability to cope with marital challenges may have exceeded their capacity and decide to get help from someone who has the education, training, and expertise in conducting family therapy.

The Psychologist focuses on the interaction between family members, differences in their transgenerational and cultural backgrounds, analyzing the role played by each member in maintaining problematic interactions.

When a problem is detected in the child, it is advisable that parents seek immediate help because children are in the process of development, where each stage of development represents a specific set of challenges. Therefore, if the process of development is undermined, the child may be arrested in a certain developmental stage. Hence, family relationships play a great role in the formation of personality in the offspring and the manifestation of psychological disorders.

Family therapy, either alone or in conjunction with other types of treatment, has been effective in the treatment of children suffering from a variety of problems, including anxiety, enuresis (bed-wetting), eating disorders, and also in working with victims of child abuse. In addition to alleviating the child's initial complaint and improving communication within the family unit, family therapy can also help reduce stress and conflict by helping families improve their communication, perception, reasoning, awareness of one another, respect, and most importantly to discover their deeper motives and preconceived notions, often transmitted to them through even past generations.

One of the most significant advantages of Family Therapy is to counteract enmeshment and help family members develop individuation and differentiation. Although this may sound very technical, in essence it means it helps each family member develop the "I" voice to express, feel, think, and to reason freely. This may sound counterintuitive, but the benefits of developing individuation in each family member often leads to healthy increase in family unity and respect toward one another.