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was founded by Dr. Charles Pilavian, in October 2016.
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The Ataraxic Mind was founded by Charles Pilavian, Psy.D. in October of 2016.

In the following, I shall present the highlights of my Curriculum Vitae for your review. By presenting my qualifications, I am hoping to help you make an informed decision in selecting your prospective psychologist. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me at, or call me at (818) 696-2704.

The Ataraxic Mind offers comprehensive services of psychological evaluations methods and treatment. First, allow me to explain where the word Ataraxic stems from does. The word Ataraxic stems from Ataraxia (Greek for freedom from worries and psychological challenges).

We do provide psychological treatment that in our view necessitates a thorough psychological evaluation to highlight what are a) the exhibited symptoms, b) what  psychological, social, and occupational functions those symptoms are interfering with, c) what are the underlying factors that are contributory to maintaining the symptoms.


Areas of Specialization:
My services include psychological treatment and comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.

Psychological Treatment:

Anxiety and phobic fears, depression and affect regulation, psychological trauma, sleep disorder, grief and loss, dissociative disorders, and processing unresolved psychological problems that are contributory to physical symptoms (somatization).

Furthermore, Dr. Pilavian provides services to enhance establishing and maintaining meaningful relationship, helping you to cope better with difficult challenges encountered at work.

Psychological Evaluations:

Dr. Pilavian is specialist in clinical neuropsychology. He specializes in assessing attention-deficit disorder, learning and memory functions, problem-solving and executive functions, information processing, visuoconstructive- as well as visuospatial reasoning.

Additionally, Dr. Pilavian provides assessments to determine whether an individual is psychologically fit to fulfill the essential functions of his position. This assessment is called Psychological Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation.

Dr. Pilavian is also on the providers' panel of Peace Officer Standard and Training (P.O.S.T.). In this regard psychological evaluations are provided to candidates of law enforcement officer who were disqualified and who are in the process of appealing the disqualification.

Finally, Dr. Pilavian provides psychological evaluation for individuals to determine their Civil Capacity.

2008 California License to Practice as a Psychologist 
1992 License to Practice as Professional Psychologist (The Norwegian Ministry of Health)


2005 California Graduate Institute Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)
1992 University of Oslo/Norway Doctorate in Psychology
1989 University of Oslo/Norway MA in Psychology
1987 University of Oslo/Norway BA in Psychology

1997 Diplomate in Clinical Neuropsychology (Norwegian Psychological Association, Subspecialization Committee)
2015 Peace Officer Psychological Evaluator. The California Commission on Peace Officer Standard and Training (P.O.S.T.)
1991-1992 Internship at the National Hospital (Riskhospitalet) in Oslo Norway.

Clinical Trials:
2010 Certified Psychometrician with Janssen Alezheimer Immunotherapy /  Alzheimer Diseas Studies.

Academic and Professional Activities:
2018 Presenter at the Inheriting Genocide Symposium: Lessons from Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma. Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles. 

2015 One of the Keynote speakers at the symposium on Transgenerational Trauma Following the Armenian Genocide: A Developmental perspective, Catharsis, Healing and Empowerment. Glendale Community College.

2016 Guest-speaker on the psychological repercussion of the Armenian Genocide Guest-speaker on Attention Deficit Disorder. Hosted by Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.

2006-2008 Cohost on Horizon Armenian Television; Weekly live Presentionations on Topics related to Mental Health.

Membership In Professional Associations and Societies:
1992 Norwegian Psychological Association
1997 International Neuropsychological Society
1997 Norwegian Neuropsychological Society
2006 American Psychological Association
2007 Advisory Board Member of Armenian American Mental Health Association     
2016 National Academy of Neuropsychology
2017 Glendale Area Mental Health Professional Assosiation